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Lani Garcia began her television career in Detroit as the “FYI Entertainment News Magazine” Host. What started as a heath reporter job to put herself through college, evolved into Producing and Hosting the cable TV show FYI for over 200 episodes. As her talents grew, she also reported on other network and news outlets, earning 9 cable television awards.  While curious and intellectual by nature, the pulse of her passion always lied in the performing arts. Having studied music, dance, and theater, acting was always a passion needing further expression, and this led to a move to LA. Lani has been in over 40 commercials, voice overs, print campaigns, web series, films, and television programs.


Lani has studied theatrically with some of the best acting teachers in Hollywood (Larry Moss Studios/Edgemar, Margie Haber, Warner Loughlin, Scott Sedita, and also with Marki Costello and the late Carolynne Barry.)  She currently has a recurring role on the ABC soap opera General Hospital as ER Nurse Laci, and just wrapped production on a remake of the Sci-Fi classic Cold Equation.


In addition, the last several years have brought many interesting projects. Lani was cast in the Sci-Fi web series Two Sides, and also played the girlfriend of an out-of-date duchebag in the comedic series Awkward Moments.  She showed her edgy, East Coast vibe as the criminal Sophia in What Happens in Brooklyn, and portrayed a Sorceress in the short Leda's Revenge in 2014.  2015 brought the release of Game. Set. Match, and 2016 began pre-production for the thriller The Tarot Card.  In addition, Garcia can be seen in the Bollywood film Perception, the Letter, and the Sci-Fi adventure 8 Lying on its Side. In 2021 Cold Equation, a sci-fi adventure involving a stowaway on a spaceship, will hit the film festival circuit. Garcia plays the lead April Winters.

In her free time (haha - what is that?) Lani focuses on recipe development and food photography and is currently pursuing a sommelier certification. She is a precision driver, trained at the Bondourant school in Phoenix, and reads books by motivational speakers such as Dr. Wayne Dyer every chance she gets. She also manages here and there to squeeze in some much loved Sword Fighting lessons! Watch out.


Lani Garcia​

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